Why do you use Museum Quality Acrylic instead of glass?

We use Museum Quality Acrylic when making our frames, even though our cost of doing this is approximately four times what it would be if we used glass. As the name implies, this is the same material that is used by museums to protect high end artwork from damage that would result if a frame ever should fall off of a wall for any reason (e.g. during an earthquake, if bumped by a patron, or if a mounting bracket comes loose). This material is also provides better protection of your diploma and artwork as you move between offices over the years, and is much safer in the event that a frame should ever fall on top of someone.

Acrylic rarely needs cleaning in normal use. However, when you do clean it, use either a feather duster or a damp soft cloth / old t-shirt. You could also use acrylic cleaner from an art store, although it's not necessary. DON'T USE PAPER TOWELS, as they could leave scratches.

I'm sure that you will enjoy your new frame for many, many years to come.