What is plexiglass? How is it compared with real glass?

Plexiglass is actually made of acrylic plastic. We use MUSEUM QUALITY ACRYLIC which is lighter yet much stronger than glass so that it can endure the "abuse" during transit. Do you know that commercial carriers like UPS and USPS have huge processing facilities and sometimes packages can be dropped from conveyor belts for as much as 30 feet?

In addition to glass being much heavier and shatters easily, the broken pieces are SHARP. If for whatever reason the diploma frame or artwork falls on someone, glass could seriously injury that person. As the name implies, these are the same material that are used in museums for their high end artworks! We used some glass for our frames many years ago, but have long since upgraded our to Museum Quality Acrylic even though it costs four times (4x) more.

You may also want to consider upgrading to UV plexiglass so that your diploma and mat board will be better protected from fading by the sun.