How to save money buying a diploma frame?

First and foremost, don't buy from the university bookstore. Diploma frames sold at university bookstores are expensive and not the best value for the money. A couple of companies dominate the university bookstore diploma frame business nationwide and are aggressive in squeezing out any smaller competitors. That way, they have a monopoly at the university bookstore and are able to charge a premium price for a so-so diploma frame.

Diploma frames sold at the university bookstore usually have generic color mat board such as white, gray or black, because the supplier sells to hundreds and thousands of schools. Check out what are offered at the bookstore so you know what you like, especially if you are interested in one that include an artwork of the school's landmark.

You'll find that our prices online are usually about 25% to 35% cheaper than the bookstore for the same or better quality product. Our lead artist, an architect by training, pioneering the pen and ink artwork in the 90's. You will find that our artwork is one of a kind and is much more high quality than the one provided by the vendor's at your college and university bookstore. Our mat board and trim also match the university's school color. Visit our store at to custom build a diploma frame.